May 24, 2001              Ranch Heights Elementary

Brad - a super 5th grader
on Super Kids Day

Kimberly- a super 3rd grader on Super Kids Day

Harley acts like he's throwing a softball at the photographer but he's really helping out with the softball throw at Super Kids Day

Kimberly takes time away from playing with her friends to love on her dad.

Brad gets ready to take on another challenger in the mat competition!

3rd graders pose on their new "big toy" that PTO collected enough money to purchase this year!

Brad's girlfriend beat him
3 times in the sumo ball challenge!  Yes...he was embarrassed!  LOL

Brad wins in the
 mat challenge!

Best friends and having fun is
what 3rd grade is all about.  :-)

5th graders watch their competition in the
 tug of war!  Brad looks worried  :-)

5th grade tug of war - Mr. Owen's
class beat everyone else!!