The Sound Of Music


Brad as Franz, the butler & 
Kim as Sister Mary Kimberly 

Here are a few pictures from the "Sound of Music".  It was performed July 17-20 at the Bartlesville Community Center.  The entire cast did a GREAT job and the show was a HUGE success.  Brad played Franz, the butler, and Kimberly played a nun, a party guest, and one of the festival trio girls.  The show was directed by Nick Sweet who is a favorite of the kids.  Next year it's Peter Pan!
Each small picture is a "thumbnail" picture so be sure to click each one to see the full size version.

Kim in her festival trio girl costume & Brad is still Franz, the butler
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Kim gets hair & makup done
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Sheryl is the best!
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Brad and Skylor hand out in Brad's dressing room
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Brad & Chris clowning around
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Brad & Chris pose in front of their dressing room
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The director, Nick Sweet, poses with the kids
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"Franz", the butler
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Britney & Sophie
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Our neighbor, Mr. Kirchman, is one of Kim's biggest fans
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Dressed up for the party scene
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Kim & Mrs. Shoemake show how they stand alike backstage
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This festival trio girl takes a rest at the reception
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Kim found her "date", Caleb, in time for the party scene
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Melissa congratulates Kim at the reception
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Grandma Grace brings flowers for Kim
DSC01523.JPG (164368 bytes)
and a goodie bag for Brad
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"Rolf & Liesel"
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Carissa, Brad, & Megan
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Brad hates wearing stage makeup
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Cory, Me, & Brett...I was their dresser
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"Maria" meets the Von Trapp kids
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Each child introduces themself
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Singing their fears away
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"Elsa, Captain Von Trapp, & Max"
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Captain Von Trapp sings Edelweiss
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"Maria & Mother Abyss"
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The Von Trapp children are overjoyed that "Maria" came back
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"Maria & Captain Von Trapp" fall in love
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"Maria" at the wedding
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Nuns are singing at the wedding
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The happy couple returns from their honeymoon
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The festival trio girls
(Kim is on the right)
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Another wedding picture
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Brad takes a bow at curtain call
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The Sound of Music Cast