To Kill a Mockingbird
March 2003

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Scout Yelling.jpg (82835 bytes)
"Scout" yelling

26MARCH 092.jpg (359471 bytes)
"Scout, Jem, & Dill"
26MARCH 097.jpg (400344 bytes)
"Jem & Scout"
Mockingbird - Brad, Mrs. DuBose.JPG (181989 bytes)
"Jem & Mrs. Dubose"
Mockingbird - Brad, Kim, Clint.JPG (144355 bytes)
Kim, Brad, & Clint

Starring Brad & Kimberly Gray as
"Jem & Jean Louise (aka Scout) Finch
Mockingbird - Brad, Kim, Morris McCorvey.JPG (148853 bytes)
The director, Morris McCorvy, poses with Kim & Brad
Mockingbird - Brad, Calpurnia.JPG (130450 bytes)
"Calpurnia" & Brad
Mockingbird - Kim, Caitlyn.JPG (89501 bytes)
Caitlyn & Kimberly
26MARCH 116.jpg (401201 bytes)
"Scout & Atticus"
26MARCH 141.jpg (420145 bytes)
"Scout & Dill"
06MARCH33.jpg (301583 bytes)
They do the brother/sister fight scenes well!  LOL
10MARCH13.jpg (421540 bytes)
Brad rehearses with the football
26MARCH 248.jpg (407384 bytes)
The Mockingbird Cast
13MAR14.jpg (411880 bytes)
Kim is tired after dance & a long rehearsal
13MAR18.jpg (269677 bytes)
"Are we done yet?"
10MARCH33.jpg (343158 bytes)
More rehearsing
20MARCH 050.jpg (431171 bytes)
They are mad about something
20MARCH 089.jpg (437067 bytes)
What's so funny Kim?
20MARCH 113.jpg (294979 bytes)
"Boo" helps "Jem" after the fight scene
24MARCH 018.jpg (221163 bytes)
"Miss Maudie" and the neighborhood kids
24MARCH 029.jpg (197203 bytes)
She's good at this yelling scene
24MARCH 068.jpg (313082 bytes)
"Scout" asks "Atticus" the tough questions
24MARCH 091.jpg (309393 bytes)
Acting like they like each other in this scene...LOL
24MARCH 093.jpg (261681 bytes)
"Scout" & "Dill" rehearse
25MARCH 030.jpg (318483 bytes)
"Scout" & "Atticus"
25MARCH 037.jpg (294187 bytes)
Getting in character
26MARCH 113.jpg (430659 bytes)
"Scout" fumes on the front porch

Kim-Newspaper for TKAM.jpg (559112 bytes)
Newspaper Article about
Mockingbird Auditions