Corky & Candy's Dog House

Yes, we are dog lovers and we love one breed especially well...Corgis!!  Meet our two precious dogs "Corky Trevor Gray" and "Candy Ann Gray.  Both Corky and Candy are Pembroke Welsh Corgi's and they are the best dogs in the whole wide world!!  (Ok...we're partial!)  Corky was born Jan. 7, 1999 and is 3 years old now.  Candy is our newest member of the family.  She was just born Feb. 2003 and is a very active (and adorable) puppy right now.  As you can tell from the pictures, both dogs are  spoiled rotten.   They are both SO smart too!!  You can click on the thumbnail pics below to see the larger pic.  Enjoy!

Corky Trevor Gray

Candy Ann Gray

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