Helpful Web Design Links
Looking for a company to host your web site? Here's a selection of company that host brochureware to major e-commerce sites in a variety of price ranges.
Webmaster Affiliate Programs Section
A selected list of affiliate programs through which you can make money from your web site.
Site Promotion Section
Resources to use to promote your web site. Click here to download your free ebook about site promotion! (For Windows only).
Add ultimate interactivity to your web pages without writing even a single line of code. It allows you to Design visually. takes care of generating the precise code, and inserts the code at the proper locations in the HTML file.
With Blocklock protecting your pages, visitors won't be able to take any content from your page - text, graphics, or anything.
5,860 Fonts plus 2.5 million clipart images available immediately.
Easy-to-use software allows you to automatically place a hotlink to your site in various places on your visitors' computer ... including their START menu, their "Favorites" folder... and even directly onto their Desktop.
Domains Bot
Check for good domain names that are close to expiring.
This site has thousands of royalty-free photos for your web site at one low price.
WebEdit Professional
Powerful, ingeniously simple browser-based application that enables any non-technical user to create, edit and manage their entire website. The simple to use, powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, gives you the ability to edit any web page within your site. Effortless point and click interface enables you to edit text as you would in a word processor (eg. Microsoft Word), modify text font, size, color, formatting, alignment and more.
Surf the web with unlimited access for only $12.45/month from thousands of cities. No setup fee, all 56kb modems (ISDN available in some areas).
An extremely inexpensive way to build your own multimedia rich, high impact web site using their professionally designed Flash templates. No Flash knowledge necessary.
Host your site where it's easy to create! WebBizBuilder's online site guide will walk you through the process of designing your web site from selecting your theme to editing pages. There is online help included at each step. The WebBizBuilder site guide sits on top of your site, allowing you to see the progress of your site as you complete each step.
Here's an easy way to integrate fax into your web site (or fax from your own email). Just set up an account and email faxes to
CodeCharge is the only tool that generates the same server-side code that you are familiar with. It allows you to stay focused on implementing business logic, while significantly accelerating the development of forms, grids, search and login elements. Best of all, CodeCharge produces robust, bug-free code in the language of your choice - ASP, ColdFusion, JSP, PHP, Perl and ASP.NET/C#.
It's time to chat with your customers. Offer real time sales and customer service to your visitors to humanize your web site. Their Live Customer Service is the leading customer service application over the Internet for the Small and Medium Enterprise market, facilitating Live, 24/7 Interactive Sales and Customer Support.
Presents professional Web database publishing solutions for businesses, organizations, online communities, and individuals. Allows individuals and businesses to quickly create &shrink-wrap& Web databases without any database or programming experience.
SmarTech Laboratory
Most of their templates are 1-page layout with basic graphics. The templates usually feature customer-friendly navigational structure and will give your customers a better online experience.
Top quality web site templates that are low cost, royalty-free, ready-to-use, and customizable.
Discount Internet Services
Great prices on DirectTV DSL, an ISP for $12.50/month, UNIX and Windows 2000 Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, and more.
A+ Templates
With membership, you get unlimited downloads of templates (.psd files included), support, and use of Flash Intro Builder.
Information Packaging
They've got a variety of software for webmasters, including AMeta - a meta tag generator, BMail - opt-in email software, ALink - a reciprocal link manager, and APassword - a random password generator.
Looking for a good web site name? Every day, they publish a complete list of Expiring Soon, Expired, and On Hold domains.
Vibrant Media
Full technology and business content delivered seamlessly to your site from leading publishers and at no cost to you.
Keep people coming back to your site. Their service includes general, international, sports, technology, entertainment, and financial news -- plus special features and columns, press releases from major companies, and information about the U.S. government.
Tune up your web site stats. They offer an easy to use web site traffic tracking service with all the features a small business web site owner or individual needs for professional web site tracking.
CoffeeCup Software
Download free web design software here. Over a dozen different software products to download.
At least 155 very sophisticated and useful cgi scripts.
Web tools for webmasters including guestbooks, forums, polls, chat, email forms, and more. Over 20 different tools are available.
Use a Smart Autoresponder to put your offer in front of your prospects 2, 3, 4... times. For example, offer a 5-day course via autoresponder - each day, the recipient will automatically receive a new mailing.
Free mailbox
Get your free address now!
Thinking about offering web hosting as part of your business? Check out these very attractive wholesale prices.
Search Engine Commando
Here's how you can get accurate control of all your sites and all your pages, as you automatically submit to the search engines. Click to find out more.
McAfee Clinic
Provides a complete suite of online services to keep your PC in peak condition. Scan for viruses, clean your hard drive, update your software, and more.
Nothing But Net
Shows step by step, in plain English, how Michael Campbell generated $750,000.00 in internet revenue, selling real world products in less than a year, without paying for any conventional advertising of any kind, not even a business card.
Free website traffic measurement and reporting. Learn who your visitors are, where they're coming from and when.
Unclaimed Domains
Offers lists of unused, freely-available unregistered domain names. There are a lot of names in their list, and many are quite good.
Free samples of Webcards
Printed postcards with an image of your home page on one side and your custom message on the other.


A List Apart
A weekly magazine and daily discussion list for people who make websites.
Aestiva HTML/OS
oftware program for everyone interested in having a sophisticated dynamic Web site.
Their free Anfy package contains 41 applets using Java™ technology, ultimate effects and navigational menu for web sites. Usable also as screensaver.
Boogie Jack's Web Depot
A webmasters resource site with over 500 pages of free high quality web page graphics, HTML and CSS tutorials, graphics tutorials, cut and paste JavaScript, sound effects, software and software reviews, computer tips and more.
A service for web-developers that creates screen captures of your web pages loaded in any browser, any version, any operating system ... so you can quickly site check your webpages on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, in IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, even the Macintosh Safari Browser in just about every version of every browser ever released.
A large reference site about developing web sites.
Domain Registration by country
Takes you to sites to register over 150 different first-level domains (such as .com, .net) including most foreign countries.
Dynamic Drive
A great selection of DHTML scripts.
e-gineer Domainator
A interesting site to check if you're looking for a domain name. It asks you to enter words, then makes suggestions.
Offers webmasters and small businesses the ability to create Web databases and integrate them seamlessly to their website, without any programming experience. It only takes ten minutes to click through the Wizard process to create a searchable database or Web form, and free.
Emacs reference materials
All about the editor.
A directory of free and almost free content to make your website sticky. Listings include dynamic content, news feeds, email, forums, and more.
Flash 99% Good
A first aid manual for usable Flash sites.
Frames Tutorial
Everything you need to know about frames to get them going on your web site.
A Web Server certificate offering for low volume sites that allows web sites to conduct safe eCommerce with an encrypted SSL connection. FreeSSL is available for no charge the first year.
Looking to buy or sell a domain name? Check here.
Helps correlate information in site logs with what browsers they represent.
Internet Weather Report
From Clear Ink.
Internet Weather Report (MIDS)
Animated maps of current Internet lag.
Intranet Design Magazine
For intranet professionals. Includes software reviews, features, and current industry buzz.
Content, community, and service for Web Designing professionals. Providing technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news, and much more.
Jeff Zeldman Presents
A creative web designer and ad man provides his tips, magazine, patterns, contests and more, include over 400 32x32 wacky icons.
The search engine for web design.
Locked Area is a very powerful Perl script designed for creating password protected member communities for web sites. It offers all the great features that you'd expect of a program of this type as well as some others like members area statistics, powerful administration panel and an easy to use, 60-second installation program. There are free and paid versions.
Netscape Source Code
A compact version of SQL oriented toward net databases.
A free collection of elegant, animated icons that attach to hypertext links to indicate their function.
NetMechanic - Server Monitoring and Performance Testing
Put your URL in - they'll test your server every 15 minutes for the next eight hours and report back performance &reliability.
Sober Witness, The
"A hype-free guide to the web".
Aimed at professional web developers. Among the subjects handled you'll find HTML, XML, JavaScript, Java and Perl but also database publishing, generating webpages, designing and publishing your site.
Statistics Server Live Stats
LiveStats ( Real-time website statistics, site usage and marketing reports via automated log analysis. Generate reports in seconds. Perfect for corporate websites or large ISP/ASPs. From DeepMetrix (formerly MediaHouse). Also check out their ipMonitord which is network monitoring, alerting and recovery software.
Global Internet market data. Presents raw data computed from millions of daily Internet visitors to Web sites monitored by WebSideStory's HitBOX Tracker. StatMarket is all about real statistical counts.
The Single-Pixel GIF
An explanation of how single-pixel gifs are used for accurate spacing on a web page. Download a single-pixel clear gif.
SurfStats Log Analyzer
Rated 5 Stars by Tucows, 5 Star Shareware, SoftJam and others.
Keeps track of Web pages and other resources on the Web. URL-Minder send a notification via email whenever pages change.
Jakob Nielsen's Website addressing web site useability issues.
USPS Web Integration tools
Want to integrate U.S. Postal Service information into your web site? Here are their free tools.
Virtual Library of WWW Development
Comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia of web technology.
A company that sells banner and button development services. Great quality, and they're fast.
The Web Masters Den
An extensive directory of web master related resources on the internet.
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
These guidelines explain how to make Web content accessible to people with disabilities. Following them will also make Web content more available to all users, whatever user agent they are using (e.g., desktop browser, voice browser, etc.) or constraints they may be operating under (e.g., noisy or noiseless surroundings, in a hands-free environment, etc.). They will also help people find information on the Web more quickly. These guidelines do not discourage content developers from using images, video, etc., but rather explain how to make multimedia content more accessible to a wide audience.
Web Developer Magazine
Magazine offering a good general source of information on developing web sites.
Web Developer's Virtual Library
by Selena Sol. Another great source of information on just about everything web-related.
Web Monitor
A free remote web monitoring service that tests transactions, response time and availability from outside your location to help you understand your customers' experience. If problems are detected, email alerts the appropriate person for quick problem resolution.
Excellent html tutorials and web design guides. Templates to help beginners writing their first basic homepage. Tips on how to use graphics on your website. Tutorials to teach you everyting you need to know to create and publish your first website. Online home page wizard, online search engine submission.
Webmaster Yellow Pages
Webmaster resources, search engine marketing tips, web design tools and tutorials, free scripts, web page hosting, and development resources for webmasters and b2b services. (sm)
The Webmaster's Reference Library
A large and long-standing weekly site dedicated to Web professionals. Published each Friday, their stance is about Web teams -— ensuring that each member of a team gets what he or she needs to do their jobs quickly, efficiently, and with the best information and skills available.
WebServer compare
Provides HTTP server specs for all web servers.
Website Abstraction
Web site page building resource.
Valuation of web sites
Readers range from CTOs to creative directors, from content developers to Java programmers.
Windy's Fashionable Page Designs
Has a graphics gallery, themes, javascript, font, and HTML tips.

Access Counters

Website traffic analysis tool written in Perl. Will run on any server. Licensed.
eXTReMe Tracking
Analyze the visitors on your website using numbers, percentages, stats, totals and averages.
Web Counters and Tracker Services
Acounter displays the number of visitors; a "tracker" displays either a counter or a logo, but also provides more site stats.

Apache servers

Apache 1.3 documentation
Apache Week
Aims to become an essential resource for anyone running an Apache server, or anyone responsible for running Apache-based services.


CGI Book
Web programming reference
CGI Environment Variables
In order to pass data about the information request from the server to the script, the server uses command line arguments as well as environment variables. These environment variables are set when the server executes the gateway program.
CGI Training, CGI-friendly web hosting, script libraries and resources.
Common Gateway Interface (The)
A technical explanation of CGI.
FTLS's Free GPL Perl CGI Scripts Archive
Over 15 free Perl CGI Scripts to help make your web site more interactive.
Jeff's Free CGI Scripts
includes File Upload
Matt's Script Archive
A large archive of mostly Perl (and some C++) scripts.
Perl CGI Scripts
Good list of scripts in multiple categories. Provided by PlanMagic Corporation.

Chat and Messaging

Free, customized message boards that match the look-and-feel of individual web sites.
For Unix servers; uses Perl 5.004. Download free source.
User-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. Chat, send messages, files and URL's, play games.
Multilingual communications tools with instant translation. Suite includes chat rooms with instant translation, message boards, web and wireless auctions, web polls, instant messanger, and people profiles.
paraCHAT's Home page
From Paralogic Software Corporation.
Ultimate Bulletin Board
an online discussion forum program written entirely in Perl. To use the UBB, you must install it on your web server. Used by some major sites like Warner Brothers.
Web Crossing
Web-based discussion software. Threaded discussions, support for Live Events, Internet Tours, and a fully integrated chat feature are part of the latest version. Other new features include newsreader access and email list archiving.
WebScripts: WebBBS
A Web-based bulletin board. WebBBS stores messages as simple text files and creates HTML pages "on the fly." This means that the message index can be tailored by the user based on date and/or subject (via built-in keyword search capability), and can be viewed as either a chronological or a threaded list.


Client Side State - HTTP Cookies
Fropm Netscape - the Cookie spec.
Cookie Central
Dedicated to provide full information about Internet Cookies.


Junk Email Resource Page
Resources for fighting spam.
Mail Abuse Protection System
Home of the RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) - a list of IP numbers from which some ISPs will automatically reject mail.
Mailto encoder
Siteup Networks provides this service which takes as input your email address, and outputs it as a concatenation of numeric ASCII values (check it out to see what this means). The result is that a spammer will not be able to lift an email address from a web page.

Frontpage tools

Webs Unlimited
A source for Microsoft Frontpage add-ins.


Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Lists every official HTML tag in common usage, plus Netscape and Microsoft extensions. Version 4.0 of the Guide is designed to conform to the HTML 4.0 specification.
Compendium of HTML Elements
A complete listing of HTML and CSS.
Doctor HTML (checks links too)
A Web page analysis tool which retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds.
Dynamic HTML in Netscape Communicator
Describes how to use Dynamic HTML to incorporate style sheets, positioned content, and downloadable fonts
Frame Basics
The syntax of frames from Netscape.
HTML 2.0 Example
Shows a simple HTML 2.0 document broken down into the source code on the left and the results (more or less) on the right.
Decimal ASCII for HTML (for example, the ASCII code for the ™ sign).
HTML Bad Style Page
An educational tool for users learning HTML. Shows some of the more common problems.
A free DOS program to fix HTML mistakes automatically and tidy up sloppy editing into nicely layed out markup.
Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference
All about the HTML language, Cascading Style Sheets, the popular browsers that support them, and the history behind each.
Introduction to HTML
From Case Western Reserve University. Has two sequels: HTML 2.0: Forms and Obscurities, which covers interactive forms, among other things; and HTML 3.2: Here's Wilbur!, which deals with tables, backgrounds, text color, and more.
iso8859-1 table of HTML special characters
Textual description of possible characters, followed by various codes to create them.
XML from the inside out.

Image Maps

Imagemap Help Page
An educational resource intended to provide assistance with the implementation of imagemaps.

IP Address blocks

American Registry for Internet Numbers
For North & South America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa.
Asia Pacific Network Information Center
RIPE Network Coordination Center
For Europe.


Sun's Java Site
The ultimate source for Java technology.


Form validation power with MegaScript
Detailed code to validate Form input - from
JavaScript Guide at Netscape
Javascript 1.1 as used by Netscape 3.x.
Javascript Guide at Netscape (current)
Includes Javascript 1.2
Javascript Reference
Includes objects in the core language and both client-side and server-side extensions.
Javascript Source
Over 300 free cut-and-paste JavaScripts including a working demonstration of all the scripts and a text box with the complete actual JavaScript coding used.

Mailing List services

A free service to manage mailing lists.
Free way to keep in touch with web site visitors by giving you a Web-based email list management system. Charges for advanced capabilities.
Listserv by L-Soft
Allows you to create, manage and control electronic mailing lists on corporate network or on the Internet. Since 1986.
NT-based mailing list server software. Collect opt-in demographic data or import a list. Filter and sort the list using any characteristic. Personalize the message. Use standard email or HTML mail. Deliver trackable URLs and track clickthroughs on links or banners. Measure list performance.


PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
A re-organized version of the "perl.1" man page for PERL version 4.
Perl.COM Home Page
A great Perl resource from O'Reilly.
a collection of Perl modules which provides a simple and consistent programming interface (API) to the World-Wide Web. The main focus of the library is to provide classes and functions that allow you to write WWW clients, thus libwww-perl said to be a WWW client library. The library also contain modules that are of more general use.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP Official Site
Contains official documentation and downloads of PHP source.


Promotion World
All about web site promotion.
Virtual promotion and web commerce electronic community.


robots.txt Syntax Checker
Checks the contents of a site's robots.txt against that contained in the latest specification, along with providing warnings on the use of new features that are not yet widely deployed.
The Web Robots database
An index of known robots which may be investigating your web site.

Search Engines

Add a Site
Add your site the major seach engines.
Search Engine Advertising Review
A detailed and informative site for paid search engine listings on the internet.
Search Engine Terms
A glossary for understanding Internet search technology.
Search Engine Watch
News, Tips and More About Search Engines.
Add a free search engine to your web site in just minutes. Offers complete control of page design and search results, comprehensive query reports, and reliable service.
Add free search engine capabilities to your web site.


WebServer compare
Provides HTTP server specs for all web servers.

Server Side Includes (SSI)'s Server Side Include page
Everything you need to know on including text files into your web pages and other uses of SSI.

Shopping Cart software

A cgi shopping cart script written in perl.
How Does Store-Building Software Work?
by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson. (Originally printed in Web Commerce Today)
The Internet Shopping Cart Server
No server CGI required - runs on their site.
Zero-Cost Ecommerce
A free shopping cart service for internet businesses of all kinds and sizes. It's not just a free script - those are everywhere. This is already installed on their servers and all the merchant has to do is add products. Tax, shipping, etc., even secure collection of credit card information is part of the free service.